April 20, 2012


When product innovation becomes a brand


How do you get to become the most important Ingredient Brand for denim at a global level?
Marco Lucietti, Marketing Director ISKO™, was invited to La Sapienza University in Rome with Andrea Masotti of the communication agency Menabò - partner of Leo Burnett, to explain the case history of ISKO™, worldwide leader in denim manufacture and in the technological innovation for the industry.
The lecture, part of the course "The fashion professionals" held by Fabiana Giacomotti, important fashion journalist and professor, highlighted the central features of ISKO™ strategy, focused on well-defined marketing choices and on the relevance of communication, with an ongoing commitment towards ethic, such as respect for people and for the eco-sustainability of the production chain.
"Denim can really be green", claimed Marco Lucietti, "but this consciousness must involve the entire valuable chain". And so it's for ISKO™: the power for ISKO™ plants comes entirely from renewable sources and the company got important certifications for quality and for eco-toxicological standards.
"A true Ingredient Brand is the one capable of offering real added value", said Lucietti. This is possible for ISKO™ thanks to a huge differentiation and segmentation of the product portfolio, stimulating the market day after day. Andrea Masotti of Menabò concluded: "The real success is giving shape to a virtuous synergy between the Ingredient and the Brand, which has to be correctly communicated to the final consumer through comprehensive and coherent communication outputs".

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