March 30, 2012


“The key to success? The personal contact with customers”.



Did you know Ludwig3? It's a green concept store with fashion, books and beauty products in Regensburg, Germany. Michaela Gielgen is the owner and has been interviewed by in their section Retailer of the week, speaking about her concept store and fashion world nowadays.


With awesome labels of organic and fair-trade jeans like Kuyichi, Nudie or Sey between others, Michaela thinks denim is an important beginner product and sales maker for her store, with bestsellers as also colored chinos and T-shirts.


According to Michaela, staying in contact with customers is the key to success. So she thinks that retail, instead of an online shop, has the big advantage to let you keep in contact with customers in a closer and more personal way. Thus, although Ludwig3 is not selling online, runs a website and a Facebook page to stay in touch with customers and keeping them always informed.


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