March 12, 2012


Only for determined women: here’s the Future Face Denim PT by Moussy


An astonishing finishing for the most comfortable denim in the market: this is the brand new Future Face Denim PT by Moussy, the appreciated Japanese jeans brand with a vintage and urban style, expecially designed for powerful women with a sophisticated lifestyle and fashion.


To realize its latest jeans with such a refined style Moussy chose ISKO™, the world’s leader in the production of hi-tech fabrics, for its untiring research for the comfortable fashion and picked the amazing ISKO Future Face™, the first fabric combining woven technology with a knitted look, which is being chosen by more and more famous brands.


I bet you’re wondering where to find this exceptional model. Well, Moussy has shops in Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan but don’t worry: there’s also an online store! You find the link below.


And don’t forget to report to us your comfy and vintage experience!



Discover more about Moussy:



Online store for Future Face Denim PT: face&page_type=0&sch_cp=1&page_sort=0&page_soldout=0&product_common_id=60616&uk=0


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