March 27, 2012


Fashion, sustainability is a R-Evolution.


Environment, consciousness and business. This is the virtuous thread guiding the roundtable “Sustainable Fashion: an Industry R-Evolution”, which took place on the 14th of March in Milan.

The event was organized by the British Consulate-General Milan and the Italian Fashion Chamber together with the Arts and Humanities Research Council and ISKO™, the worldwide leader in denim production and innovation, main partner of the initiative.

Over 150 participants followed the debate between the most important player of the fashion industry, such as Puma, Made-By and Gucci.

How to integrate the eco- and social sustainability topic inside the productive process, taking always into account competitivity; how much the consumers do perceive the added value of a sustainable productive approach; is the social responsability – when developed –  correctly conveyed under a communicative point of view; presented by the experienced fashion journalist Fabiana Giacomotti, the speakers showed some case studies depicting a scenario in which sustainability becomes a key element.

Particular interested was aroused by the analysis of Marco Lucietti Marketing Director SANKO, iSKO™ Division who, together with Federico Corneli – Haikure and Andrea Masotti – Menabò showed in concrete terms how it’s possible to redisign the production chain through a valuable chain using innovative but sustainable technologies and involving each player of the chain.

“For the fashion world, sustainability represents an open challenge companies must be ready to take up” explained Marco Lucietti. “We all have to work hard to be able to build a structured and conscious culture of responsability. As the need for consiousness arouses from consumers themselves, in the purchasing the sustainability of the product isn’t perceived yet as self-sufficient discriminant of price”.

Sustainability is therefore a market goal, because it goes along with a social trend, but it’s mainly and before all a moral duty to future generations.


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