March 16, 2012


At Texbridge debuted the brand new Denim Lounge zone.

With almost 150 expositors this year, Texbridge fair asserted itself as unmissable appointment for the sector, inaugurating the exclusive Denim Lounge zone where the coolest denim trends went on display.

The central geopolitical position of Turkey made this the perfect occasion to take stock of the whole textile manufacturing industry, allowing to join both European and Asian realities, with the increasing participation of European producers, Greeks and Italians above all.


In such an important fair for the region, couldn't be missing the Turkish worldwide specialist in denim manufacturing, in the largest stand of the fair: ISKO™, part of SANKO holding, market leader in Turkey itself but even the global  largest denim producer with 200 million meters fabric a year. ISKO™ also gave its contribution to better understand denim trends thanks to Umberto Brocchetto and Massimo Munari of Creative Room™, the Italian partner in design and research for fashion brands and garment makers, who made an interesting presentation about season Spring/Summer 2013. Brocchetto pointed out the central role of Turkey in the denim sector, while Munari gave useful tips to fashion-addicted women: "For 2013 the trend is clear: in women, high-waist pants look more attractive"; and in the future there are skirts, skirts and skirts again!


For that analysis, and also for ISKO™'s support and help in the realization of the Denim Lounge zone, Umberto Brocchetto and Massimo Munari together with Banu Yenici, ISKO™ Senior Marketing Executive, have been rewarded by İbrahim Burkay, chairman of the Uludağ Textile Exporters Union.


What are your opinions for denim in the season Spring/Summer 2013? Let's share!

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