June 8, 2012




The future of the denim sector is creativity in collaboration. The second edition of Up to Denim at Denim by Première Vision 2012, promoted by iSKO™, lets the industry speak up about the excellence of fit.

Denim is such a hard market. To keep up with the evolution of trends and to offer the perfect fit you have to relentlessly push the boundaries, find new solutions with no fear of mistakes. Innovate, always”. The words of Tony Chu, HUDSON VP Communications, explain all the importance of the excellence fit for the future of the denim sector. That’s why leading players of the denim industry teamed up for the Up to Denim 2 project under the slogan “Fit to perfection”, presented in a roundtable on the 23rd of May, during the tenth edition of Denim by Première Vision. The roundtable registered great attendance of visitors, journalists and denim insiders, confirming the interest of the players in such an initiative.

The conference actually took place in the Up to denim booth, where an impressive installation was showcasing a real value chain experience, displaying the main steps of the fit production cycle from weaving to wearing (see the previous news here in denimfriends.com).

The roundtable was moderated by the fashion journalist Fabiana Giacomotti, and important players participated: Chantal Malingrey-Perrin – director of Denim by Première Vision, Jean HegedusINVISTA Global Marketing Director Ready to Wear, Marco LuciettiiSKO™ Marketing Director, Valerio GaliziC&S owner, Tony ChuHUDSON VP Communications, Federico Cornelihaikure founder and Elena D’UrsoFornarina Marketing Manager.

What is “fit” for the players of the sector? Nowadays, it is associated with stretch and comfort, discovering features capable to enhance the figure and express the wearer’s style. “Fashion keeps evolving”, says Jane Hegedus. “Creating the perfect fit means that the quality of the process has to be always in touch with these new feelings and experiences”.

All of the speakers’ presentations made it clear that the future for the market is social, seeking a direct and immediate relationship with denim people. The new platforms, such as websites, Facebook, Twitter, communities demand transparency and constant updates, to engage people and become an active part of their lives.

Marco Lucietti concluded: “It’s so true that denim is a hard market. To keep offering perfection, the only solution is collaboration: speak to one another, share impressions, let the commitment to improvement lead the production chain. And we’re so proud to see that all of this is perfectly expressed in Up to Denim, one more time”.


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